Drain Lining Services

Drain lining is an alternative approach to repairing drains where excavation may traditionally be required. Installing CIPP drain lining will help to repair cracks and defects in your drains and pipes.

We clean the damaged area of the drain and install a resin-based lining which will bond to the inside of the drain, strengthening and sealing the damaged area to create a new smooth, refurbished drain.

Benefits and Guarantees

There are numerous benefits to using drain lining, including a 10 year guarantee on all work we carry out for you.

Replacing the drain lining in your pipework will be carried out with minimal disruption, and means that no excavation will need to be carried out. We can supply any length or size of material and work on any types of pipework.

New pipe lining will help to prevent root ingression and longer term issues associated with this.

Drain Re-Rounding

Many older drains are made from pitch-fibre. This material can become misshapen and deformed, causing issues for drainage and flow. In some cases we can use specialist equipment to re-round these drains, and then use new lining to strengthen the pipework again.

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